Thursday, November 3, 2011

A whole month....

Wow! I cant believe it has been a whole month since I posted last. Been really busy trying to get a new logo done. New name for my new love which is still life and nature photography. This year really has been amazing and sobering.

Seems life gives new turns every which way you go. Have had a lot of changes and in those changes there were things I didn't like and things I knew I had to change. But all in all life is really great! So amazed at the awesome power of my God!

Really feeling positive about my future ahead and using my talents for God's Kingdom! That's why we have them right?

I will try and post more on my thought but if you just want to see some photos you can head on over to its just a big collection of all my photos from the year. Excuse the blog, still trying to work on it and I am no good at blogging setup, definitely not one of my talents or gifts. I totally admire the people that can design all this crazy web stuff.

I can see my chatty self coming back after these months of really searching myself. Real question is am I a shy extrovert or a outgoing introvert? I still can not figure it out, maybe one day! I just want to be what God designed me to be and that is me, a one of kind made by God!

Everyone have a great evening!


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