Thursday, November 3, 2011

A whole month....

Wow! I cant believe it has been a whole month since I posted last. Been really busy trying to get a new logo done. New name for my new love which is still life and nature photography. This year really has been amazing and sobering.

Seems life gives new turns every which way you go. Have had a lot of changes and in those changes there were things I didn't like and things I knew I had to change. But all in all life is really great! So amazed at the awesome power of my God!

Really feeling positive about my future ahead and using my talents for God's Kingdom! That's why we have them right?

I will try and post more on my thought but if you just want to see some photos you can head on over to its just a big collection of all my photos from the year. Excuse the blog, still trying to work on it and I am no good at blogging setup, definitely not one of my talents or gifts. I totally admire the people that can design all this crazy web stuff.

I can see my chatty self coming back after these months of really searching myself. Real question is am I a shy extrovert or a outgoing introvert? I still can not figure it out, maybe one day! I just want to be what God designed me to be and that is me, a one of kind made by God!

Everyone have a great evening!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Looking Ahead....

Looking Ahead....

Life has been filled with many changes this year and one recent change has been one that was prayed about very much. I am looking ahead because I know with all my heart that it was in fact the right decision for my family. I am so very excited about the change, it has brought me a new hope and I am ever so excited about what is ahead for my life. I know that there are those that don't agree and have their own opinion on this change in my life. But I have come to realize this year that it really doesn't matter what people think because it is who I know I am that matters. As long as I am showing forth kindness, love, serving my God with all my heart then what people think is only their opinion of my life. I wish that everyone could see my heart and see that this was truly the right decision but I know that everyone will think what they must so I am choosing to move and look ahead in what a great future is in store for my family. Serving God, Loving life and loving my family!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Long time!

Well its been a while since I posted last, just trying to take a break from everything that is not so important in my life. I decided that I am not going to play catch up and post every picture since then. I do however promise that I have kept up with my 365 just more on a personal level now. I will try and post some more pics this week for the ones that actually like to look at my pictures. I kind of took a break from my camera and took mostly iPhone pics so its not like anyone missed out on much. 

In a state of wondering right now. My life this past year has been full of ups and downs. God has brought me miracles and brought me through so many things. Trying to gain some focus right now and all this extra stuff just distracts me and I need to hear from the one that sticks closer than anyone ever will and that is my friend, my Savior, my Lord! So thankful that He never gives up on me, that He is there to listen to me vent, He is there when I am full of joy, He is there when I just need to cry at His feet. He is so awesome in every way that it hard to even consider how much love He extends in my life. He blesses me in my miracles and through my storms. In fact without the storms how would I see how He moves so miraculously in  my life. He does the impossible in every situation!  Never forget how wide and deep His love is for you, it always there reaching out for you!

Well enough of my ramblings. Hope everyone is staying safe in the storms!

Friday, August 19, 2011

DAy 231

Day 230

My wonderful hubby got me some macro extension tubes! I love playing with new stuff for my camera!

DAy 229